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All in person appointments are scheduled for my office located at
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596



Spiritual Cleansings are performed to remove negative influences, including curses and accumulated psychic toxins. Working with traditional conjure practices and contemporary theurgical methodologies my work derives its authority from such powers as the spoken word, herbal allies, initiatory lineages, my personal gifts as a two-headed conjure doctor, and the ever present hand of Spirit.


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This rite removes all negative psychic energy that has hexed and entangled you, cleansing from deep within so that you may radiate spiritual power. You will be lead through simple ritual to empty your burdens into a cup of water, then through the authority of prayer your negativity will be transformed into a powerful elixir. Drink deep from this cup, and feel yourself being purified and blessed.


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Foot Washing is a traditional Hoodoo remedy for the removal of jinxes and maladies of the spirit. My practice includes a reading at the start of our session, so that we may better understand the cause of the negative energy you have come to be cleansed of. The rite itself is literal to its name; you will be seated in a chair, having both feet washed in a small tub prepared for this service. Please dress appropriate to this endeavor, with pant legs that can be lifted past your calves, sans pantyhose.


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Distance and mobility are factors that keep some people from seeking the spiritual cleansing they require. Yet the power of Spirit is boundless, a truth long recognized by conjure workers, who developed the practice of cleansing a client at a distance through the use of a doll. Such a doll will be named and ritually baptized for you, then cleansed on your behalf. At the time you schedule for me to perform this cleansing, you will be required to sit for as long as it takes you to read the King James version of Psalm 145 a total of 7 times. Following this cleansing the doll can be mailed to you, or ritually buried by me, according to your preference.



Mojo Bags are pouches filled with herbs, stones, seals, and curio that have been charged and set for a particular purpose. They are then worn or carried to keep their aura of magical influence close by. These Deluxe Mojo Bags contain a specially made and dressed prayer paper empowered with a custom sigil created for your name and purpose. Within 3-5 days of your order I will begin its construction, empowering it in ritual, and will ship it to you once it is completed. You will also receive a bottle of oil or cologne along with instructions on how to use it to “feed” your mojo; keeping it set and working toward your goal.