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Setting Lights Candle Ministry

Single candle – $20
3 candle run – $50
7 candle run – $120
13 candle run – $190

Setting Lights is a time-honored method for focusing the energy of prayer. I will use my skill as a root doctor to dress your candle with special blends of oils and herbs, adding curios for increased vitality. Traditional prayer and contemporary mystical practices go into the crafting, lighting, and disposal of your candle.

I will dress and empower and decorate a glass-encased Candle, then light and tend it in a shrine dedicated to the setting of magical lights. After your candle has finished burning you will be emailed a report detailing its work, providing insights based on how it burned, and detailing the signs that can be read from patterns left on the glass. Candles take 5 to 7 days to burn, and your feedback is typically sent within a two week period.



Choose Your Own

If you have gone through the list of lights I can set on your behalf and not found one to address your concern, then you may choose this option and make a note at check-out detailing what you need the candle for. Keep in mind that the more you ask for, the less able you candle is to target a specific issue. You are much better off having a candle burned for love, and another for money, than you are burning a candle for both purposes. A light serves as a hand that reaches out to do your bidding, but one hand can only grab and hold so much at one time.




Cut & Clear

Cut & Clear is the candle you need to break the ties that bind you. When it is time to move on from a condition that has held you back, be it a bad relationship or habit, Cut & Clear supports you with the courage to break the chains that weight you down, and offers the strength to move on. While it is not a substitute for therapies meant to help you overcome the stress of an abusive relationship or recover from addiction, it provides powerful motivation to assist you in reclaiming your life as your own. Cut that scoundrel out of your old pictures! Cut those cigarettes into pieces and clear away your ashtrays! Don’t be a hostage to those forces that would restrain you. This is the opportunity to set your own agenda for your life.



Uncrossing vigil candles are lit to remove the negativity blocking your path. Break the chains that bind you! You may have been crossed by an enemy’s curse, or your own self defeating thoughts. This candle burns to remove all negativity, whatever its origin. Uncross yourself and live life as you are meant to, unburdened and bold.




Love Spell

Love Spell casts an enchantment around you, so that the very air surrounding you becomes intoxicating to potential lovers. Consider well what you are looking for in love, and gain the attention of those who possess such qualities. Turn heads! Open hearts! Find the hand that fits in yours! Whether you are alluring a new lover, or looking to keep love alive in your present relationship, Love Spell is sure to brighten your love life.


Follow Me

Follow Me will cause another to follow you, be into your bed or across oceans. It is time for you be in charge, to set the course for your life with the confidence that others will support you, and follow along with your plans. This candle is a collar and leash, a leash that you hold firm. Let it burn to bring the attention of a distant crush, or to control someone already in your life. It exerts a controlling hand, while amplifying the sympathy and love of whomever it burns for.



Reconcile burns to rekindle the passion your estranged lover once felt for you. You must decide if they are worth getting back, and if they are, then this light may help lead them back into your arms. Don’t get left at the altar! If the love of your life is out there, eyes turned away from you, make them gaze upon you again and see what they are missing. You deserve to be loved! Perhaps a second love affair is not what you want, but there are still words to be said, apologies to be made, suspicions to be confirmed; a return to the table can bring closure. Don’t let them walk away from you! Reconcile is the remedy you need to set your relationship right.




Gambler’s Glory

Gambler’s Glory is the secret trick you want to help stack the deck in your favor. Good for all games of chance! Dressed and lit to increase your chances for winning numbers, dice rolls, Bingo, whatever your game. Lady Luck can be wooed to work for you! Gambling serves a respected role in many cultures, bringing communities together, waging each individual’s luck through fun and competitive games. For this reason the magical traditions employed to increase your winnings are rich, and that wealth of that knowledge is being put to work for you as soon as your candle it lit.


Pay Me Now

Pay Me Now vigils are lit to motivate those who owe you money into giving you your due. Have you been waiting too long for an insurance settlement? Perhaps you leant money to a friend  and are wondering when your payback will arrive. Don’t let dubious family members hoard your inheritance, or an ex run away without giving you your due. Stop waiting, take action! Learn your rights; take legal action when warranted, and back those actions up with this powerful candle prayer. Whether someone owes you money, or other forms of property, Pay Me Now brings justice to your wallet.




Hot Foot

Hot Foot vigil lights are intended to target those people in your life who you have got to get rid of. Nasty neighbors, obnoxious co-workers, that looser who keeps sniffing around your daughter… send them running. Burning peppers and tumble weeds are two of the herbal allies that give their power to this candle. This candle acts like a hot poker to prod the soles of their feet chase them far away from you.


Inflammatory Confusion

Inflammatory Confusion is a traditional hex against those who plot against you, who spread rumors to destroy your good character. This candle is lit to induce mental instability, keeping them from strategizing against you. Don’t let your enemy(s) cause you worry, worry them instead! All the lies they have told about you will unravel as their confusion corrodes their slander. Nothing they say about you will be coherent, and the more they work against you the crazier they will sound. For any restless nights they have given you, this flame will ignite the justice and resolution you deserve.





Moving Candle SpellS are typically done for one of two reasons, either to bring two people together, such as for a love spell, or to draw them apart, an example being a separation spell. Each night I will light both candles at one of my altars, progressively moving them either together or apart, then snuffing them out with an appropriate prayer over a period of 7 nights. A name paper will be placed beneath each candle, so when checking out please add a memo denoting the name for each figure, the gender attached to the name, and ideally the birthdate for each person. Be sure to choose the appropriate option from the dropdown menu, either for ‘Joining Together’ or ‘Separating Apart’.